Giving birth can be a daunting experience for new mums, but our midwives are experts at putting the whole family at ease. Recently, Beckie Harris got in touch to praise the midwives who looked after her during her 36-hour labour. She said: “I had a really tough labour with my daughter, Olivia, in June last year. Olivia’s head was stuck in the birth canal, the doctor tried to move her with forceps but when that didn’t work I was taken for an emergency C-section which ended up in me needing an emergency blood transfusion due to further complications.

“Throughout the labour and the whole of my pregnancy, all of the midwives were amazing. They were really supportive and listened to what I wanted and needed. Without their support and quick thinking, my daughter and I may not have been here today. I'll be eternally grateful to them all - I never really appreciated the NHS until that day!”

Baby Olivia is now 10 months old and a really happy baby. She enjoys music and wriggling along to her favourite nursery rhymes, mostly Row Row Your Boat and Pat-A-Cake!