Have you got together a group of people who are all passionate about our hospital and want to help make difference? A bag pack or bucket collection could be perfect for you!

Bag packs are the perfect way to raise money, fast and are perfect for groups of young adults or friends! The first thing to do is register with us and we will send you a letter of authenticity, then get in touch with the community champions in your local supermarkets, you can usually find this information on the supermarkets websites or ask in store.  Once you have a date booked in, let your Regional Fundraiser know and they will be able to organise all the buckets and materials for you!

Don’t fancy packing groceries? How about organising your own bucket collection instead? This is another great way to raise money quickly! Bucket collections can take place everywhere, from Garden Centres, shopping centres right through to Bars and Clubs! As above, register with us and we will give you a letter of authenticity, then approach places in your local area to get permission to collect, It is vital you always get permission from the place you want to collect. Collecting on a public street is also not allowed unless a license is granted from the relevant council. Once you have a confirmed date, let us know and we can sort all the materials for you.