Payroll Giving is a smart, simple and tax-effective way to give to charity straight from your pay cheque every month. Donations are taken off before tax, just like a pension, so giving £5 per month will actually only cost you £4! By signing up to Payroll Giving, you can make payday even better by knowing that your payslip is helping us do more for our sick kids.

Whilst Payroll Giving has so many benefits in it's ease and tax-efficiency, it also allows us to plan for the long-term care of our women, babies and families in our hospital. For your business, just by taking part in Payroll Giving, you can use the Quality Mark on across your communication channels, which is a great way to highlight your work in CSR. Why not go further and pledge to match employee donations from Payroll Giving? 

Payroll Giving couldn't be easier to set up, all you need to do is complete a form provided by your Human Resources team and then your payroll department will do the rest. 

We also have a poster for your to display around your workplace!