If you’re looking at ways to get your school involved in fundraising, then our Woodland House Appeal is the perfect opportunity. Here are some ideas you could try:

  • Everyone loves an opportunity to go uniform-free, so holding a non-uniform day will be sure to be popular with the pupils.
  • Host a school fair with arts and crafts, books and cakes for sale. Perfect for summer, harvest or Christmas.
  • Why not organise a sponsored silence in assembly or a sponsored read-a-thon for any bookworms at the school?
  • If your school is holding a sports day, use it as an opportunity to fundraise! 
  • Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team and together, we can help create the best fundraiser for you. You can also donate on behalf of your school to the appeal online, at our Fundraising Office or over the phone.

Whatever you decide to do, you are helping to make Woodland House a reality. Thank you.