Do you have what it takes to give up something you love to help us do more for our women, babies and families?

No matter your vice, whether it’s a cheeky chocolate treat in the afternoon, a weekly takeaway, you can’t stop scrolling through social media or you’re glued to your games console, Give It Up for a whole month and get sponsored by your family, friends, schoolmates or colleagues to do so.

Over the past year, the threat of COVID-19 has meant we’ve all had to make sacrifices, but none more so than some of our NHS Heroes, like our midwife, Sam Halliwell, who had to give up so much more.

Sam has been a midwife at our hospital for the last three years since qualifying, but the last year has been the toughest of her career yet. As well as working tirelessly to keep her patients and their new babies safe, she has also had to consider the safety of her husband, Phoenix, who is undergoing kidney dialysis and so needed to shield during lockdown. To eliminate the risk carrying the virus home to Phoenix while she continued to provide care for our women, babies and families, Sam made the difficult decision to move out and into a hotel, where she stayed apart from her husband and daughter, Rosalie, for a total of nine weeks.

Sam said: “Being away from home for so long was incredibly difficult. I am my husband’s main carer, and we are a very small, close family. Whilst I was away, I missed my daughter’s 10th birthday, my husband’s birthday and our 12th wedding anniversary. I even missed our puppy Dash’s first birthday, but I knew it was what I needed to do to continue doing my job and keep my family safe.”

Our incredible colleagues have had to give up so much as they adapted to their new ways of working. What could you give up to support their vital work and their patients?

Will you show your support for our incredible staff and patients by giving up something you love? Register your own Give It Up Challenge today to raise money for our women, babies and families.

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