We've listed two easy options for setting up a ticketing system that you can use for your own Big Gig. Remember you can also contact our team for support and advice when setting up your event.

Option 1: Ticketing your event on Just Giving

  1. Sign up to Just Giving

You will need to sign up to Just Giving before you can get started with ticketing your event.

  1. Log in to Just Giving

Log in to Just Giving using your account credentials

  1. Start fundraising

Click ‘Start Fundraising’ at the top of the page. You will be directed to your profile page. Select ‘Start fundraising’ under the ‘Fundraising’ tab.

  1. Select a cause

Select ‘A charity’ and search for the cause you want to support. You can search for either the ‘Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity’ or the ‘Birmingham Women’s Hospital Charity’ and press ‘Select’.

  1. Tell us about your event and create your page

Select ‘Virtual gathering’ and you will be directed to a form to complete.

  • Select ‘a personal streaming / gaming event’ under the ‘Event type’ drop down box.
  • Create a suitable ‘Event name’ i.e. ‘Jen’s Big Gig’
  • Set a date for your event to take place
  • Select ‘I’m doing this in memory of someone’ if appropriate, and the ‘Who are you remembering’ form will appear. Provide the required details.
  • Create a suitable fundraising page web address.
  • Under ‘Choose your fundraising page setting’ select ‘Yes’ to the question: ‘Are you planning to ask for donations to your Just Giving page in return for goods, services or other benefits?’
  • Select ‘No’ to the question: ‘Is your charity contributing to the cost of your fundraising?’
  • Select ‘Yes please, opt me in’ (unless otherwise) to the question: ‘I’m happy for Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity to keep me informed, by email, about the impact of my fundraising and other ways to stay involved including future events, campaigns and appeals.’
  • Once you’ve confirmed that you’ve read the Fundraising Regulator’s Guidance Notes and agreed to Just Giving’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy select ‘Create your page’.
  1. Edit your page

You will now be directed to your fundraising page. Select ‘Edit your page’ in the top right-left hand corner of the screen. Here you can share and personalise your page, and set a fundraising target. 

Select ‘Edit your title, target, cover photo and story’ to tell others about your event. Request a donation for a ticket (perhaps a set amount) and remind your supporters to click the ‘I’m happy to be contacted by X’ once they’ve made their donation. This will allow you to send them the invitation to your event. 

Don’t forget to tell all of your friends and family what you are doing, and why you are doing it – the more personalised the better!

You can view Just Giving’s Demo page for selling tickets for an event or raffle.

Option 2: Ticketing your event on Eventbrite

  1. Sign up to Eventbrite

You will need to Sign up to Eventbrite before you can get started with ticketing your event.

  1. Sign in to Eventbrite

Sign in to Eventbrite using your account credentials

  1. Create an event

Click ‘Create Event’ to the top-right hand side of the screen and complete the ‘Basic Info’ fields.

  • Give your event a suitable ‘Event Title’ i.e. ‘Jen’s Big Gig’ and select the most appropriate event ‘Type’ and ‘Category’ via the drop-down boxes.
  • Enter appropriate tags within the ‘Enter tag’ fields – this will help others to find your event.
  • Enter the name of the event organiser within the ‘Organizer’ field.
  • Select ‘Online event’ under ‘Location’.
  • Select ‘Single Event’ if your event is a one-off, and set the starting and ending date and time. Select ‘Recurring Events’ if appropriate. You will be able schedule repeat events later on.
  1. Provide details of your event

Select ‘Details’ in the left-hand panel upload media and provide a description of your event.

  1. Create tickets for your event
  • Now select ‘Tickets’ in the left-hand panel. You can add ‘Paid’ tickets for a set price or allow your attendees to decide how much they wish to pay by adding a ‘Donation’ ticket.
  • Give your ticket an appropriate name and set a quantity of tickets available. This is likely to be determined by the participant limit on your chosen hosting platform.
  • Select ‘Absorb fees’ to deduct Eventbrites ticketing fees from your ticket revenue.
  • Set a date and time for your ticket sale to start and end. Your sale should end before the start of your event.
  • Select ‘Advanced settings’ to provide a description of the ticket and set a minimum or maximum number of tickets per order.
  • Select ‘Save’ and a ‘Country & Currency’ pop-up will appear. Select ‘United Kingdom’ from the ‘Payout Country’ drop-down box and ‘GBP’ from the ‘Currency’ drop-down box. Press ‘Continue’.
  • You can now add further ticket options or press ‘Publish’.
  1. Manage payments

Select ‘Payout Method’ under the ‘Payments’ drop-down in the left-hand panel and click ‘Add Payout Method’. Enter the bank account details in to which you wish the ticket revenue to be paid and press ‘Create’.

  1. Create an order confirmation

Select ‘Order Confirmation’ under the ‘Order Options’ drop-down in the left-hand panel.

  • Write a message for your ticket holders within the ‘Customized Webpage’ box. They will see this once they place their order until they navigate away from the page.
  • Paste your event invitation into the ‘Message For Email and Printable to PDF (If Included)’ box under ‘Customized Email’. Responses to your confirmation email will reach the address within the ‘Default ‘Reply-To’ Email Address’ box.
  • Click ‘Save Settings’
  1. Publish your event

Hover over ‘Publish Event’ within the banner towards the top of the page and select ‘Publish Now’.