For Our Hospital Staff

Looking for a simple, yet effective, way to support the women, babies and children cared for by our hospitals? Make a big change with your small change and donate the pennies in your payslip to us with our Pennies from Heaven scheme.

An average of £36,000 could be raised for our charities each year if we all donated the spare pennies from our payslips. By signing up today, you will be making a real difference to our hospitals and patients and the best part is that the most you will ever be parting with is just 99p each month.

What is Pennies from Heaven?

Quite simply, your net salary is rounded down to the nearest pound with the spare pennies donated to our charity. All donations are eligible for gift aid too, which means we can claim an additional 25% to make your coppers go even further.  

Staff starting with the trust from 1st April 2021 are now automatically opted into the scheme, but if you’ve been working with us for a while, you will need to sign up. 

All you have to do is complete the form below and the extra few pennies will be automatically deducted on your payslip. It is a simple, tax efficient and regular way for you to participate in charitable giving.

All money raised will be split equally between Birmingham Women's Hospital Charity and Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity.

An Example Donation

If you are an employer looking to get involved in the Pennies from Heaven scheme please visit the Pennies from Heaven site for more details.