Guidance: this video contains content that some viewers may find upsetting.

Watch what some of our bereaved parents have to say about their experience at our hospital and why Woodland House is so needed.

Their heartbreaking stories give you a raw and emotional insight into their own difficult journeys with pregnancy and baby loss and demonstrate why we urgently want to make things different for our families of today and in the future.                     

If you’ve been affected by what you’ve watched, there are organisations that can offer you support. Please visit our support services page for details.


"Those last memories that you have are precious and they can only be made once."

Leon got to hold his newborn baby son in his arms for just three hours before Ezra sadly passed away. And knowing that he wouldn't be taking his baby home, like all of the other parents he saw around him, made his hospital experience unbearable.

Woodland House will create a private, safe and calm environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the wards, so that our bereaved parents can spend precious time with their loved ones before they feel ready to face the world again.

Watch as Leon talks about how having Woodland House would’ve made his heartbreaking experience slightly less stressful.


"When you're in that bubble, all you want to do is talk about it."

Breaking the silence and taboo around pregnancy and baby loss is a key aim of our Woodland House Appeal, as we create a space that will provide a safe and calm environment to give families the confidence to talk openly and honestly about their feelings and emotions in their time of need. Watch this video as mum Lynette talks about how having that haven to receive specialist support for her grief, would have changed her experience.