We're sorry to announce that due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic we will not be able to accept donations or deliveries of Easter gifts for our patients as we would normally do.

However there are lots of ways you can support and donate to make this Easter as special as ever for our patients, you could:

1. Buy a virtual Easter Egg on our new Easter Egg Hunt page

Donate and dedicate the Egg of your choice to a friend or patient this Easter to show them that you care. 

2. Buy one of our Alternative Gifts and give something special to our patients this Easter

Every Alternative Gift comes with a beautiful Easter-themed presentation card and envelope along with details of how your gift will make an impact for our patients.

Your generosity will make a world of difference to our women, babies and families, tomorrow and in the future.

Special Sleep Packs - £5

MiniBoo Comforter - £15

Specialist V-Shaped Support Pillow - £20

Help to Fund Relaxing Lullabies- £50