A West Midlands Police Officer is proud as punch after completing a gruelling six-hour body combat marathon and raising over £1,200 for Birmingham Women’s Hospital Charity.

Detective Thomas Cunningham-Smith, from the Black Country, punched and kicked his way through a six-hour, none-stop cardio work out, which he streamed live to his Instagram followers, to raise the cash for the charity’s Woodland House Appeal.

The £3.5 million appeal will see a brand new, stand-alone bereavement centre brought to Birmingham Women’s Hospital, to support families experiencing pregnancy or baby loss and it’s a cause that’s close to the hearts of Thomas and his colleagues at West Midlands Police.

The team Thomas works within often has to deal with families who have lost children under a range circumstances. He and his peers visit the region’s hospitals on a regular basis and know only too well how the right facilities can change a grieving family’s experience.

West Midlands Police has been a supporter of the Woodland House Appeal since it launched in April 2019 but unable to host its planned charity ball and dinner this year due to COVID-19, Thomas felt compelled help raise the vital funds needed on his own.

Thomas said: “I’ve been into body combat for a few years now but I’ve never done anything quite as tough as this! From the fourth hour of the challenge I was fighting cramp, but seeing all of the messages of support pop up from my followers and the donations totaliser creep up really kept me going.

“I’m so proud to have been able to raise the money and play my part in making such a difference for future families experiencing loss.”

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Women’s Hospital Charity, said: “Thomas is an absolute trooper for making it to the end of such a tough challenge and we’re so grateful that he kept going for us. Woodland House will be completely charitably funded, so the incredible amount he’s raised brings us a step closer to making it a reality, and will help us in our mission to set a new standard of care for pregnancy and baby loss, not only in Birmingham, but across the UK too.”

If you would like to donate to Birmingham Women’s Hospital Charity’s Woodland House Appeal, please click here.