NHS Big Tea

Join us on Friday 5 July for a Tea Party Read more

Woodland House

Our hospital cares for over 2,000 grieving mums and dads every year who have lost a baby. Woodland House will be a safe haven for bereaved families. Read more

Future Faces Announces Us As Their Charity Of The Year

During the next 12 months, Future Faces will be raising money for a newly-launched appeal which will see the construction of a purpose-built £3.5m bereavement centre at the Women’s Hospital, the first to be established in a hospital setting. Read more

Get Involved at Work

Can you and your work-mates help us to make Woodland House reality? Read more

Meet Our Families

Learn more about the incredibly brave and inspiring families you will be supporting by donating to our Woodland House Appeal. Read more

Lynette's Story

“When the nurse said there was no heartbeat, my world stopped…” Read more

Get Involved

Help us to raise the £3.5million needed to make this unique and much-needed space a reality for our families facing the unthinkable. Read more

Leon's Story

“We just felt trapped and wanted to escape” Read more

Find Out More

View our artist impressions, and find out more about how our new £3.5million Woodland House Appeal will benefit our families. Read more

Get Involved at School

If you’re looking at ways to get your school involved in charitable giving, then our Woodland House Appeal is the perfect opportunity. Read more

Harriet's Story

“We had absolutely no idea that anything was wrong” Read more

Get Involved within the Community

There are plenty of things you could as an individual to help us achieve our goal of £3.5 million. Read more

Set Up A Fundraiser

Did you know you can fundraise using Facebook to help us make Woodland House a reality? Read more

Appeal Video

Watch what some of our bereaved parents have to say about their experience. Read more

Support Services

If you’ve been affected by anything you’ve read, there are organisations that can offer you support. Read more

Gift In Your Will

National Free Wills Month - Write your Will for free. Read more


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Give It Up

What can you give up in 2019 to show your support? Read more